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A young single man, from Sydney, has confessed he only sleeps with ‘straight’ married men he meets on dating apps.

Thanks to coronavirus, more couples than ever are ‘social distancing’ from the person they usually share a bed with. Will.

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Three-quarters of the people surveyed said they were sleeping longer on most nights — from 25 to 51 minutes more.

In 2012, hot off the success of the Harry Potter franchise, actor Daniel Radcliffe admitted to having slept with ‘groupies’.

Apparently, more men than women are dying from COVID-19 globally. Experts say biology as well as behavior may be among the.

BST The government has announced the sex ban will end for some people from this weekend. Being single during the pandemic is.

Disrupted sleep increases CVD risk by promoting inflammation – Sleep disruption has been shown to be associated with an increased risk of atherosclerosis, but the mechanism has been.

While some health benefits of intercourse—like better mood and sleep—may seem like a given, there are some additional.

After years of sleeping with the same person, could Rosie Green’s divorce be an opportunity to rethink sex? Rosie Green is.

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